Building Energy Management Systems

Learn how Building Energy Management Systems can impact your gas bill.

What are Building Energy Management Systems?

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are computer systems which enable the system operator to monitor and control building services including heating, air conditioning and lighting. BEMS are also capable of automatically recording gas and electricity consumption via the relevant meters and the data obtained can be used, for example, to analyse energy usage trends and to record and forecast annual energy consumptions.

Customer enquiries

If you wish to learn more about how a BEM could support your business reduce its energy costs, please contact our Businesslink team at 1800 411 511 or email

Reduce energy consumption by up to 20%

Through on-line monitoring of energy usage, customers can identify and report on energy consumption data which will help to identify cost-saving opportunities and promote energy conservation between occupants and building managers. A properly installed and operated BEMS can be expected to reduce the energy consumption of the plant being monitored by up to 20%. Savings can also be expected to recur year after year, leading to improved awareness and savings.

Low Frequency (LF) Pulse Output

Gas Networks Ireland is committed to promoting energy efficiency and if required we can provide a Low Frequency (LF) Pulse Output from the Gas Networks Ireland meter. This device enables the BEMS to record the throughput of gas through the gas meter. LF Pulse Outputs are provided in the form of a volt-free single-pole switch contact (or similar), usually a reed switch. Each pulse represents a discrete amount of gas (typically 0.1,1,10,100 or 1000 units) depending on the make and size of the meter. The typical pulse width is 250ms (milliseconds) however Gas Networks Ireland will advise the pulse width at the time of installation. Gas Networks Ireland will also provide the appropriate plug connector to connect the BEMS to the LF Pulse Output on the gas meter.

Repeat signal installation/termination

As part of the installation of an LF Pulse Output, Gas Networks Ireland will also install an appropriate isolation unit typically a Chatter Box E isolation Unit, to provide the necessary safety isolation between the equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area around the gas meter and non-intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area where the customers systems will be located.

This Chatterbox E operates from a self contained power supply lasting in excess of 10 years and is therefore suitable for installation in remote and difficult environments without the need for an external power supply. In addition, as part of the installation, Gas Networks Ireland will also provide a termination point clearly labelled as "Gas Meter LF" in the safe area adjacent to the gas meter. This is the point where the end user will make their connection to the LF Pulse output. 

Third party obligations

Customers requesting a BEMS connection from Gas Networks Ireland are obliged to run their cable to the termination point as agreed on site. Gas Networks Ireland shall be responsible for ensuring a LF pulse is available at this termination point.