CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme

€2.9m CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme

The CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme has been created to assist Irish fleet operators and hauliers in funding the transition to new, cleaner Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. The scheme will support the purchase of up to 400 new CNG vehicles, which will support the decarbonisation of Ireland’s transport sector and provide a sustainable, proven and viable alternative to diesel for Irish fleet operators.

The increased use of CNG commercial vehicles by Irish fleet operators will support Gas Networks Ireland in its continued development of the national CNG refuelling network and facilitate a new generation of cleaner CNG vehicles operating on Irish roads.

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Supported vehicles and grant amount

In 2017, Gas Networks Ireland launched the first CNG Vehicle Fund to support businesses in funding the purchase of 39 new CNG vehicles. The new CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme will also provide funding to successful applicants, supporting the purchase of a range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and vans powered by CNG.

The CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme will cover 20% of the difference between CNG and diesel-powered vehicles with a maximum amount of €5,000 available to applicants per vehicle. The maximum amount of financial support available to an applicant (including companies within the same corporate group) under the scheme will be €60,000. Grants can be used towards the costs of vehicles registered from 2020. To register your expression of interest, please contact us directly at

Types of vehicles supported by the grant

N3 - HGV Road Freight (>12 tonnes unladen) - Artic

N2 / N3 - HGV Road Freight (>3.5 tonnes unladen) - Rigid

N2 - LGV Road Freight (>3.5 tonnes unladen) – Large Van

N1 - LGV Road Freight (<3.5 tonnes unladen) – Small Van

N2 - Waste Collection Vehicle (>3.5 tonnes unladen)

M2 - Small Public Passenger Vehicle (over 8 seats in addition to driver, <5 tonnes unladen)

M3 – Large Public Passenger Vehicle (over 8 seats in addition to driver, >5 tonnes unladen

Please read the forms below for further detail on the terms and conditions of CNG Vehicle Grant Scheme.

Current CNG customers

Moving to CNG today is a sustainable, long-term choice for fleet operators. CNG is a cleaner, reliable and proven fuel choice that has the potential to support the decarbonisation of the Irish transport sector. Read our case study to learn more about the benefits of gas in transport from the Irish fleet operators who have invested in this proven and reliable technology

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Green Connect Project

The Green Connect Project will build on the European Union (EU) supported Causeway Project and provide additional infrastructure to the national CNG refuelling network situated along the Core TEN-T road network. The planned delivery of a network of public CNG refuelling stations, four renewable gas injection facilities and the deployment of four mobile CNG refuelling stations will support the decarbonisation of Ireland’s transport sector and provide a reliable, proven and viable alternative to diesel for Irish fleet operators.

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Why CNG?

While heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and buses account for 3% of vehicles on Irish roads, they generate 20% of Ireland’s transport emissions. Studies show that switching from diesel to CNG can reduce well-to-wheel carbon emissions by up to 23% (Cenex,2019). The highest emissions savings realised with CNG are achieved under specific conditions, loads and vehicles – in particular, the long-haul and regional drive cycles – making CNG the ideal fuel for decarbonising Ireland’s heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and bus fleets.

While also offering a comparable refuelling time, the payback period for gas-powered HGV trucks is approximately two years, which is a very attractive proposition for fleet owners (Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, 2020). CNG vehicles also have longer range and the ability to drive heavier loads than comparable electric powered vehicles.

CNG is an established global source of transport fuel, with more than 28 million gas-powered vehicles worldwide and almost two million in Europe (NGV Global, 2020). CNG is natural gas from the national gas network that is compressed to fit in the fuel tank of gas-powered vehicles. Studies show it is particularly well-suited to deliver the high performance and distance requirements of HGVs and buses and is the optimal choice to drive heavier loads. Fast-fill CNG stations also provide quick, efficient and safe refuelling, with a normal fill-time of three to five minutes for a CNG HGV from empty.

Further detail on studies outlining the benefits of CNG can be found here

EU Support

The Green Connect Project is co-financed by the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF is a transport and infrastructure program within the European Commission which focuses on sustainable, efficient, multi-modal transport across key European corridors.

A cleaner and reliable fuel choice

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