Innovation Fund Projects


Reference number: 2018-006
Applicant: Fingleton White
Project summary: A blueprint design for large scale transmission connected Centralised Grid Injection facilities which can facilitate the transportation of biomethane compressed in storage tankers to 250 barg.

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Reference number: 2020-034
Applicant: CNG Services
Project summary: A study to understand the feasibility of developing a virtual gas pipeline in the North Western region of ROI This pipeline will provide access to gas for non connected grid customers As the project has progressed, participating stakeholders have mutually agreed to widen the scope to also consider the South Western region for the same purpose.

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Reference number: 2019-001
Applicant: GlasPort Bio
Project summary: GlasPort Bio are developing GasAbate, a novel manure additive to prevent gaseous emissions from stored manure and slurry. Prevention of greenhouse gas (methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide) and other gases (ammonia, hydrogen sulphide) shall allow both improved environmental aspects of manure management on farm, but also greater nutrient retention in the slurry for onward processing and use.

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Reference number: 2019-025
Applicant: SKDP
Project summary: The overall objective of this study commissioned by the South Kerry Development Partnership is to assess the feasibility of developing anaerobic digestion (AD) in the region and its ability to meet the energy needs of the region in a sustainable manner while providing economic opportunities for farmers.

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Reference number: 2020-026
Applicant: CNG Services
Project summary: A feasibility study carried out at Ringsend WWTP to look at the potential of utilising biogas to biomethane for direct injection into the gas grid. Biomethane injected into the gas grid at Ringsend WWTP will increase throughput and drive down the unit cost of gas transportation for all gas customers.

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Gas In Transport

Reference number: 2020-013
Applicant: Cadent
Project summary: The project follows on from previous studies that modelled the role of green gases in decarbonising the GB economy. The role of this study is to understand the transition from the GB economy today to a decarbonised economy in 2050, focusing on how the transition is achieved and the competing and complementary nature of different low and zero emission fuels and technologies over time.

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Reference number: 2021-019
Applicant: Element Energy
Project summary: This report is an addendum to the Future role of gas in transport pathways and sets out to identify the key differences for the role of green gases in ROI compared to the original GB-focused report.

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Home heating

Reference number: 2019-004
Applicant: ESRI
Project summary: This research examines whether changes in occupancy or tenure at residential properties is also associated with decisions on overhauling a property’s heating system. Previous research finds that moving home can serve as a starting point for more sustainable living practices, specifically lower energy consumption.

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Reference number: 2021-021
Applicant: Lumcloon
Project summary: This study investigates the potential to inject green hydrogen gas into existing gas network infrastructure as well as the possibility of developing a green hydrogen market in Ireland. Information on the operation of the power and gas networks and the variety of issues that they are currently facing has been included to contextualise and highlight the need for hydrogen generation, injection and storage.

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The gas network

Reference number: 2020-035
Applicant: Pentegon
Project summary: This study researches and reports on digital twins by reviewing the current industry state and the feasibility of adopting a digital twin approach based on a maturity assessment.

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Innovation Fund Projects

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