Renewable gas certification

The Renewable Gas Registry is a key function for the development of a renewable gas industry in Ireland.

Why do we need renewable gas certificates?

There is significant growth in demand from businesses looking to source sustainable and indigenous fuel alternatives. Many large energy users wish to procure renewable gas because they recognise the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and moving towards a more sustainable future for their company and customers.

This demand has created the requirement for a European-wide market of renewable gas certificates. Renewable gas certificates have been administered by registries in several European countries to meet the need for title-tracking of the green value of gas blends from both conventional and renewable origins injected into their national gas networks.

By providing an objective means of tracking the commercial transactions of renewable gas through the supply chain, Ireland's Renewable Gas Registry will help establish trust in the market and confidence in the renewable gas sector. This will support the expansion of production, provide certainty for consumers who buy the gas and provide an incentive for gas producers to inject renewable gas into the network.

Our role

Gas Networks Ireland registers and issues certificates to Irish producers that inject renewable gas into the gas network. This includes biomethane, which is a renewable gas produced by anaerobic digestion of biodegradable matter that is then upgraded to network entry specifications prior to injection.

Each certificate represents our guarantee that the equivalent amount of renewable gas has been injected into the gas network. To obtain additional information on the Renewable Gas Registry please email to obtain a copy of the Rules for Renewable Gas Certificates and Renewable Gas Registry User Agreement.

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What are Guarantees of Origin and Proof of Origin certificates?

The Renewable Gas Registry may issue renewable gas certificates for both:

  • An energy-mix declaration for end-consumers – Guarantees of Origin
  • Title tracking of renewable gas deliveries – Proofs of Origin

The Guarantee of Origin is a specific certificate defined under Article 19 of the Revised Renewable Energy Directive (EU) 2018/2001 (the RED II Directive). The purpose of a Guarantee of Origin is to disclose the origin of the renewable gas to the end-consumer, via a book and claim system. Gas Networks Ireland has commenced issuing renewable certificates on a voluntary basis, while awaiting appointment as the competent body for renewable gas Guarantees of Origin for the Republic of Ireland according to Art. 19 RED II.

For renewable gas deliveries, RED II contains sustainability and greenhouse gas savings criteria, applicable to certain end-uses and market sectors. Where these criteria apply, compliance must be verified independently under specific schemes approved by the European Commission. A Proof of Origin certificate type confirms the mass balancing of the renewable gas through the grid, from injection to withdrawal. A Proof of Origin will have proof of sustainability documentation inseparably connected to it.

Trading and allocation of certificates

Renewable gas certificates may be traded by account holders in the registry prior to the final allocation of renewable gas to a consumer. When an account holder sells renewable gas certificates to a consumer, Gas Networks Ireland cancels the associated certificates in the registry and issues a cancellation statement. This ensures a direct link from producer to consumer and proof of the origin of the renewable energy.

Opening a Renewable Gas Registry account

To register for a renewable gas certificate account, please follow the steps below. We will return a Renewable Gas Registry Agreement to you for your signature and open your account in the registry.

  1. Complete a Company Account Opening Form
  2. If you own a renewable gas production facility, complete a Plant Account Opening Form
  3. Email completed forms to

Renewable gas production facilities

For all registered renewable gas production facilities, injected amounts will be recorded monthly to their specific plant account. Specific forms must be completed to transfer, cancel or convert certificates. Completed forms must be emailed to

A cleaner energy future with renewable gas

To learn more about the Renewable Gas Registry, please contact us and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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