ibelong - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Since its establishment in 2019 ibelong, Gas Networks Ireland's diversity, equity and inclusion programme, has gone from strength to strength. ibelong is about consciously making our place of work more diverse, inclusive and equal, enabling everyone to be their true-selves at work.

Some of the highlights include the establishment of our Employee Resource Groups, changes to our recruitment and selection processes and learning initiatives which include unconscious bias and targeted development programs.

Find out more about our five employee resource groups below.

Rainbow Network

The Rainbow Network helps to foster an inclusive culture that values and supports all LGBTQ+ colleagues to be themselves at work and to be openly supported by everyone. The aim is to enhance our workplace by making it a more reflective, open and inclusive place for all.​

Neurodiversity and Ability

The mission of the Neurodiversity and Ability Network is to create a dynamic and inclusive working community where neurodiverse individuals and those who identify as having a disability feel a sense of belonging; are supported; where differences are embraced and their voices are heard, which allows greater contribution of these individuals to the overall organisation.

Ethnicity and Cultural

The Ethnicity and Cultural group promotes and celebrates racial, ethnic and cultural diversity within Gas Networks Ireland. We strive to ensure that equal opportunity exists for all employees as we work together with integrity and mutual respect.​

Family Network

The Family Network Group was created to build a culture where we can help each other in managing work, family and other caring responsibilities through sharing resources, experiences, providing guidance and encouragement. It seeks to bring together employees with caregiving responsibilities for children, other family members and loved ones.

Women's Network

The Women's Network Group seeks to build a more inclusive business through providing a space for gender issues and equality to be discussed without judgement. This group looks to provide an environment where employees can propel awareness on topics which are important to them, improve the working environment and boost employee confidence.​