Debt and facilities

Gas Networks Ireland has a strong liquidity profile supported by a diverse funding mix and solid cash generation. Funding requirements are met through monies raised on the debt capital markets and facilities arranged with key relationship banks.

Current bonds

IssuerCurrencyMaturity dateAmount outstandingCouponISINListed
Gas Networks Ireland EUR 04-Dec-24 300,000,000 0.125% XS2088659789 Euronext Dublin
Gas Networks Ireland EUR 05-Dec-26 500,000,000 1.375% XS1529684695 Euronext Dublin
Gas Networks Ireland EUR 05-Dec-36 125,000,000 2.250% XS1529684349 Euronext Dublin

Gas Networks Ireland established a €1.5bn EMTN programme in 2016, from which Gas Networks Ireland has issued three bonds totalling €925m.

Private Placement

Gas Networks Ireland has long developed relationships in the US Private Placement market, completing transactions in 2003 and 2009.

European Investment Bank

EIB investment has been critical to the development of Ireland’s modern gas network and has helped bring gas to communities and towns all over Ireland. Gas Networks Ireland signed a new €100m facility with EIB in December 2018.

Bank finance

Gas Networks Ireland maintains a €300m Revolving Credit Facility provided by a group of six domestic and international banks.