Power Generation

Natural gas plays a vital role in the Irish energy system

Natural gas delivers a large proportion of the electricity we use to run our homes and businesses. It provides flexible and cost effective energy when renewable energy generation is low.

Did you know?

  • 31% of Ireland's energy use is natural gas

  • 52% of Ireland's electricity supply is generated from natural gas

  • 29% of gas used is sourced from indigenous sources

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Interview with Denis O'Sullivan

Denis O'Sullivan, Managing Director of Gas Networks Ireland, talks about how important gas is to Ireland's cleaner energy future. Watch the video to find out more.

Cleaner compared to other fuels

Natural gas is cleaner compared to other conventional fuel types when generating electricity. In comparison, coal and peat powered generators release heavy levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas produces 67% less emissions than peat, and 61% less than coal. View how much cleaner gas is on this chart.*

Ideal partner for renewable energy sources

It is vital for Ireland to use renewable sources for power generation. Yet, sources like wind can create gaps in energy supply levels. This is because their availability depends on the weather. Natural gas fired power plants can fill these gaps. For example, in July 2018 wind generation was at a low level due to hot weather. Natural gas power generation plants helped to meet Ireland's energy needs. View the pie chart to see the mix of fuels that produced Ireland’s electricity in July 2018.**

Security of supply

Natural gas allows Ireland to generate our own electricity. With two subsea interconnectors for Ireland the future supply of gas is secure.  In addition, the first flow of gas from the Corrib gas field in Co. Mayo, came in 2015. This indigenous source has the potential to meet up to 60% of Ireland’s annual gas needs, further enhancing Ireland’s security of supply.

Moving Ireland towards a cleaner energy future

By switching from peat and coal energy plants to natural gas plants we are moving Ireland towards a cleaner energy future. And now with the introduction of renewable gas, we're committed to having 20% renewable gas on our network by 2030.

*Source: SEAI, Energy-Related CO2 Emissions in Ireland 2005-2016
**Source: Eirgrid

Data Transparency Portal

In May 2018, we launched a new Data Transparency portal. You can view the 'Commercial Exit Point Allocations' graph to see natural gas usage for power generation in Ireland.

View Gas Consumption Data