Planning and assessment

Our tools for sustainable practices.

EnviroKit & EnviroPlan

It is imperative that Gas Networks Ireland carries out its planning, design and construction activities in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. To this end, Gas Networks Ireland has developed EnviroKit & EnviroPlan, which together are a bespoke environmental planning and assessment tool, designed to ensure that our team of Designers and Planners assess all potential environmental and planning issues at the earliest possible phase of our projects.

Best environmental practice

EnviroKit & EnviroPlan are modelled on environmental legal and regulatory requirements and best environmental practice. In applying the principles of EnviroKit & EnviroPlan, Gas Networks Ireland will ensure that it applies a structured, practical and robust methodology to environmental planning & design.

What is EnviroKit?

EnviroKit is a series of detailed and robust environmental checklists, which assists the Gas Networks Ireland’ Design and Planning Teams in making informed environmental decisions and provides a mechanism to internalise the environmental risk assessment and eliminate or reduce potential issues by:

  • Systematically addressing environmental issues for design and project planning
  • Integrating with existing tools to identify environmental risks and mitigate against them
  • Ensuring that there is a robust mechanism for handover of information such as the mitigation measures that have been identified

What is EnviroPlan?

EnviroPlan is a comprehensive environmental guidance document, used in conjunction with EnviroKit, which supplies concise information and answers on how items that have been identified in EnviroKit may affect the project and offering next step advice.