Fota Webinar Q&A Follow Up

Q. Hi just wondering do you support educational programs from home for parents
A. Yes, there are a number of  educational resources available to download from our website
Q. How tall are the giraffes when they are born?
A. Giraffe calves average 2 metres in height when born.
Q. How many giraffes are in Fota?
A. Currently, there are 12 giraffes in Fota.
Q. What is the fastest animal in fota?
A. The cheetah which is capable of attaining a speed in excess of 100 KM per hour from a standing position in less than 3 seconds!
Q. Do you have birds of prey like owls or eagles ?
A. Yes, the park is home to two White Tailed Sea Eagles.
Q. Does rhino poo smell bad?
A. Certainly not as bad as carnivore poo!!
Q. Is there still meerkat there?
A. Yes, the park has a Meerkat family which are on exhibit just inside the main entrance!
Q. Did ye ever think about getting elephants?
A. The park doesn’t have sufficient space at the moment to accommodate a herd of elephants!
Q. How many different species of lemurs do you have?
A. There are three species of Lemurs in the park including the Black & White Ruffed, the Red Bellied and the Ring Tailed Lemurs.
Q. Who is the oldest tortoise in the Tropical House, please?
A. Harry the Red Footed Tortoise is the oldest at 17 years of age!
Q. When did Fota open?
A. June 1983
Q. How many animals are in Fota?
A. Just over 1400 animals are held in the park!