Measurement and governance within Gas Networks Ireland

Corporate governance

As part of Ervia, we are committed to principles that ensure effective corporate governance, adherence to the law, and a culture of ethics and compliance throughout the organisation. Further information on our Corporate Governance is available on the Ervia website.

Corporate responsibility

The day to day coordination and management of Corporate Responsibility is conducted by our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Manager and the Corporate Affairs team, working in close collaboration with key functions of our business, including HR, Environment, Facilities, Customer Care, Service Delivery, Safety, Asset Management, Workflow and of course our staff. The Head of Corporate Affairs reports directly to the MD on Corporate Responsibility on a regular basis and works continuously with our management team on various elements of our CR strategy.

Business in the Community

We are a proud member of Business in the Community – a non-profit organisation inspiring companies to improve the impact they have on society, specifically in the community, environment, marketplace and workplace. We participate in a number of industry fora. While addressing the energy, regulatory, commercial, marketplace and safety agendas is often the immediate purpose of such collaboration, addressing matters of corporate responsibility is also a regular item to be addressed. We also support a network of organisations in Ireland committed to Corporate Responsibility. At these network meetings, ideas on best practice, experience in matters of sustainability, key contacts etc are shared.


We want to make our operations sustainable as well as contribute positively to sustainability in general. Establishing a sustainability reporting process helps us to set goals, measure performance, and manage change. A sustainability report is the key platform for communicating positive and negative sustainability impacts. We currently contribute to the Ervia CR Reporting process.

It is envisaged that we will produce an independent sustainability review. At present we are reviewing our current process on sustainability, our data collection approach, independent validation of the data and communication of same. Data relating to sustainability performance is continuously monitored and reviewed to shape company strategy, policy and impact on performance. We see sustainability reporting as an essential contributor in managing change – adding value to our business and contributing to the sustainability of the community and environment.