Gas Networks Ireland is committed to its customers who are at the centre of all we do.

Our market solutions

Through innovation and building on our core competencies Gas Networks Ireland is committed to delivering new utility-based market solutions in line with the needs of our customers and in the interest of sustainability. We make every effort to provide our services in a prompt, efficient and safe manner and to a high standard. This commitment is reflected in our Customer Charter and our four Codes of Practice.

Facilitating a secure supply of gas

As Ireland’s gas network operator, we play a lead role in facilitating a secure supply of gas for Ireland, implementing European Regulation on security of supply, and influencing market and regulatory arrangements on an all-island, regional and European basis for the benefit of our customers. Ireland’s security of gas supply is not only dependent on both the supply of gas but also on the ability to transport the gas. The majority of Irish gas demand is met by UK imports with the remaining gas supplied from the indigenous reserves in Corrib.

Gas imported from the UK is transported through both of Gas Networks Ireland's sub sea interconnectors between Scotland and Ireland. The significant development of the Irish gas network and its UK Interconnection over the last number of years means that there is adequate capacity to meet the growing demand for gas.