Safety is the top priority in Gas Networks Ireland.

A modern and safe network

As a result of extensive capital investment in recent years, together with very stringent operating and management procedures, the Irish natural gas pipeline network is amongst the most modern and safe in the world. In addition, we provide extensive assistance and technical support to the construction industry in terms of the best methods of installing natural gas in homes and businesses.

Working closely with industry and the CRU

Gas Networks Ireland continues to work closely with industry and the CRU to ensure that the safety of our assets and activities continues to have a priority focus. The operation of risk based Safety Cases for the gas network ensures the safe operation of the network and the integrity of the networks assets.

Safety Awareness Promotion

Gas Networks Ireland carries out regular safety awareness promotions each year to highlight the key issues concerning natural gas and safety to both natural gas customers and the general public. Our safety campaigns include what to do if someone smells gas at home or on the street, Dial before you dig, the dangers of meter tampering and the importance of using only a Registered Gas Installer for work on gas appliances.

Although it can occur with all fuels, Gas Networks Ireland leads a high–profile, multi-award-winning campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in conjunction with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities and other industry players. Gas Networks Ireland also works with other industry (e.g. tourism and health sectors) to promote awareness of Carbon Monoxide. For further information see our gas safety section, carbon monoxide and safety in the workplace.