We are committed to excellence through people.

Investing in the workplace

Our employees are central to the success of our business. They are the driving force, the creative intelligence, the passionate energy behind all our achievements. Investing in the Workplace allows us to attract and retain the best people. By offering employees a safe, modern work environment with excellent career opportunities and ongoing personal development support, we have developed a reputation as an excellent employer where people matter. While we are proud of our achievements as an employer, we recognise that there is still work to be done to ensure that we continue to be a great place to work.

Our core values

The five core values that define our company are safety, integrity, performance, customer service, and collaboration. These values describe the enduring character of the organisation and guide us in carrying out our jobs on a day to day basis as well as governing how we interact with customers, business partners, industry and other organisations.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to ensuring that equal opportunities exist in our HR practices by promoting values, behaviours and working practices which recognise and value the differences between people. Our Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that our employees' talents are used to the full and that equal opportunity exists for all. Our best practice recruitment and selection process ensures that diverse talent is brought to the organisation. We are proud to employ people across the age spectrum from new graduates to experienced professionals, recognising the value and strengths at each stage of career development.