Health and wellbeing

Committed to promoting and encouraging good health and lifestyle.

Dedicated occupational health team

As part of our commitment to promote and encourage good health and lifestyle, we have a dedicated Occupational Health Team in place to support our staff.

Employee assistance programme

We deliver a confidential Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which is designed to help staff and their families with a wide range of work, family and personal issues. This support service for employees is free of charge and available, through an independent third party, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is accessible by phone, email and online.

Health and lifestyle screening programme

We also provide a Health and Lifestyle Screening Programme for all staff. Employees can avail of an overall health assessment designed to ensure that each participant achieves maximum health benefits by identifying health problems, assessing individual risk factors and providing lifestyle counselling. On an annual basis, employees can avail of the seasonal flu vaccine at no cost.

Regular ergonomic audits are carried out on workstations, as well as checks on equipment, to eliminate any potential negative impact on eyesight, posture, hearing, etc. Bi-annually, employees working at Visual Display Units (VDUs) have their eyesight checked.

Onsite facilities

Gym facilities

Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle is integral to our HR policy. A staff gym facility is in place in our headquarters in Cork and in our Networks Services Centre, Finglas, Dublin.

Premium restaurant and catering facility

A subsidised premium restaurant and catering facility is available to staff at our main office locations. As well as providing high quality food, our facilities promote healthy eating and regularly participate in a number of related initiatives including Safefood’s Salt Reduction Campaign highlighting the risks of maintaining a high salt intake. Information sessions on nutrition and healthy eating are also held for staff.

Sports & social clubs

To encourage employees to maintain a good work-life balance, we support Sports & Social Clubs at all office locations and offer financial assistance to the initiatives run by these clubs.