Learning and development

Find out how we support our employees and promote continued professional development.

Supporting our employees

We recognise that learning and development is important for the individual, contributing to their job satisfaction and career opportunities, and also for our company ensuring we have the relevant competencies to meet the challenges of an ever-changing work environment.

Training courses

Staff also participate in training courses including: an induction programme for new employees, IT security, and safety workshops.


Contractors and outsourced partners are also included in any relevant training days and workshops.

Further education

Gas Networks Ireland supports employees through further education.

Leadership development

The Gas Networks Ireland Leadership Development Programme has been enhanced with new modules with an increased focus on leadership. The Programme provides participants with a range of critical leadership and management skills and is run in collaboration with the Irish Management Institute.

Continuing professional development

In 2009, Gas Networks Ireland became an Engineers Ireland Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited employer. This accreditation was given in recognition of the quality of the company’s Learning and Development policies, procedures and its commitment to CPD. CPD includes a wide range of learning activities such as coaching, mentoring, conferences, webinars, structured reading, work on professional committees, etc.

Role rotation

Where possible, Gas Networks Ireland facilitates the lateral transfer of employees across the organisation. Employees who participate in this role rotation process develop their skills, broaden their experience, and gain insight into different areas and practices within the company.