Ireland’s Gas Network – At the heart of Ireland’s energy future

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) has published ‘Ireland’s Gas Network – At the heart of Ireland’s energy future’, a comprehensive and engaging report that captures the key facts and figures relating to Ireland’s gas network in 2022, and looks at the key policy developments and initiatives at both national and EU level to meet the challenges of the energy crisis in 2022.

Delivering natural gas safely and securely to Irish homes and businesses for over 40 years, the gas network, a €2.7bn state-owned asset, generates approx. half of Ireland’s electricity and delivers more than 30% of Ireland’s primary energy needs. Today, it serves over 720,000 customers in 22 counties around Ireland.

As Ireland’s energy system evolves in response to the challenges of decarbonisation and energy security, and as energy demand grows, Gas Networks Ireland has a pivotal role to play in the transition to a low carbon energy system. By transforming our modern and flexible gas network we can support the development of indigenous renewable gases, including green hydrogen and biomethane, and enhance security of energy supply.

At Gas Networks Ireland, our ambition is that the gas network will be net-zero carbon by 2050. Coupled with its offshore wind potential, Ireland’s gas network is uniquely placed to support the transition to net-zero, while simultaneously enhancing Ireland’s energy security and providing opportunities for economic growth and development.

As the company responsible for developing, operating, and maintaining the network, we are committed to working with all stakeholders and to maximising the contribution of the network for today and for the future.

Read our 2022 report – ‘Ireland’s Gas Network – At the heart of Ireland’s energy future'
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