Network reliability

The gas network

From 1978, Gas Networks Ireland has developed a safe and secure gas network, with sufficient capacity for Ireland to meet energy demand in an ever competitive global economy. The distribution and transmission networks consist of over 14,772km of pipeline, and are linked to the UK and European gas markets through two Interconnector pipelines with Scotland.

Natural gas accounts for 30% of Ireland's total primary energy requirements, allowing over 710,000 Irish homes and businesses to rely on the network for their energy needs. Natural gas also forms a critical part for Ireland's electricity generation, with 50% of the country's annual electricity produced from natural gas, rising to 85% on certain days. The existing transmission and distribution networks have the capacity to accommodate substantial new loads and provides the optimal solution for large industry who require delivery of high pressure at their site.

The natural gas network has demonstrated resilience and reliability through recent severe winter weather conditions, particularly during December and January 2010 when record subzero temperatures were recorded. For further detail on the gas network, read our reliability capacity document.