Gas market

Services for Shippers and Suppliers

Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for the management of access to the Irish natural gas pipeline system for all Shippers.

For Gas Transportation Wholesale (Shippers), you can find more information on the services we provide, the Code of Operations and the Code Mod Forum.

For the Retail Market (Suppliers), you can find information on Capacity register & FAR procedure, Retail market messaging, GMARG, PAYG metering and a link to the Gas market portal.

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Transparency/Data Publications

As System Operator, Gas Networks Ireland is required to publish and make available certain information and reports. Documents published prior to the 1st of August 2015 were published by Gaslink Independent System Operator. The Transmission and Distribution System Operator Licences and responsibilities were transferred from Gaslink to Gas Networks Ireland on that date.

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Regulatory Compliance and Publications

Gas Networks Ireland is responsible for the development of the gas transmission and distribution systems. Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) and its subsidiary, GNI (UK), are holders of a number of licences from the regulatory authorities; the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in Ireland, the Utility Regulator (UR) in Northern Ireland and Ofgem in the UK.

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View a list of our regulatory publications here.

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Gas market portal

The Gas Market Portal is a site for gas shippers, suppliers, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities and Gas Networks Ireland to share information and documentation.

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Transportation Network

Gas Networks Ireland produces a number of long-and short-term plans for the overall development of the network. Gas Networks Ireland subsequently oversees the implementation of the plans, inputs its technical expertise and is responsible for sign-off. The key activities of transmission and distribution systems development are: supply and demand analysis; network analysis, project design and costing and project delivery.
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