Regulatory Affairs Overview

The role of Regulatory Affairs in Gas Networks Ireland includes:

  • Managing the day-to-day relationships with gas shippers and suppliers and provide support to them on the operation of the retail and wholesale gas markets;
  • Facilitating the ongoing development of the retail and wholesale gas markets in Ireland in compliance with the National and European regulatory frameworks;
  • Overseeing and ensuring representation of Gas Networks Ireland & GNI (UK) at European fora and institutions;
  • Monitoring compliance with Gas Networks Ireland’s regulatory and licence obligations and advising management accordingly; and
  • Actively managing and seeking to prevent the theft of gas in the interests of safety.

Regulatory Affairs - 7 Areas of Business Delivery

  • Change of Shipper / GPRO
  • FAR / PM
  • Licence Compliance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Code of Operations / Market Change
  • European Affairs
  • Shipper Client Services

Regulatory Affairs provides services to a wide range of stakeholders. Business delivery is divided into two key areas:

1. Regulatory Framework, comprising:

  • European Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Wholesale Market

2. Regulatory Operations, comprising:

  • Retail Projects
  • Regulatory & Customer Operations
  • Gas Point Registration
  • Shipper Services
  • Meter Data Services (MDS)
Gas Networks Ireland - European Affairs Team. (L-R) Con O'Donnell, Regulatory Framework Manager, Kieran O'Sullivan, EU Affairs Senior Analyst, Mary O'Mahony, European Innovation & Policy Analyst, Gráinne Greehy, European Affairs Manager and Stephen O'Riordan, EU Technical & Regulatory Analyst

Regulatory Framework

- European Affairs

The European Affairs team works with a wide range of stakeholders, including EU Associations, Regulators, Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Government Departments, Policy Makers and within the Gas Networks Ireland business on the following:

Advocate for Policy change

  • Ensure Gas Networks Ireland has developed a clear standpoint on EU policy which aligns with and supports the company strategy.
  • Monitor and input into EU Associations and their working groups.

Deliver on strategy and strengthen influence

  • Articulate Gas Networks Ireland’s strategic positions at EU level and National level.
  • Input into National/EU consultations which impact policy development.
  • Increase influence/credibility with key EU stakeholders e.g. ENTSOG/ GIE/ Eurogas etc.
  • Proactively monitor and input into key studies and the gas legislative process.

Ensure compliance

  • Influence the direction of and deliver full compliance with National and EU legislation.

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Regulatory Framework

- Regulatory Affairs

Gas Networks Ireland’s Regulatory Affairs team leads on the interaction with Regulatory Authorities and Government Departments on matters including Regulatory Compliance and Gas Networks Ireland’s Brexit-readiness.

Regulatory Affairs areas of responsibility include:

  • Lead Gas Networks Ireland’s interaction with Regulatory Authorities in the Republic of Ireland (RoI), Northern Ireland (NI) and GB.
  • Manage all regulatory contracts e.g. Interconnection and Transportations Agreements.
  • Respond to all relevant consultations in conjunction with other Gas Networks Ireland departments.

Licence Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with all Licence obligations with ownership of specific conditions assigned to relevant personnel in Gas Networks Ireland.
  • Identify and address all licence compliance issues and lead engagement with Regulatory Authorities on any changes to these Licences.


  • Liaise with key stakeholders in relation to Brexit, most notably neighbouring Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Government Departments and Regulators and gas shippers.
  • Ensure that Gas Networks Ireland and GNI (UK) are Brexit ready.

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Regulatory Framework

- Wholesale Market

The Wholesale Market Team is responsible for the development and operation of the rules governing Gas Transportation in Ireland.

Wholesale Market areas of responsibility include:

  • The Code of Operations – implementing changes required by Irish market participants as well as EU and National legislative requirements.
  • The Code Modification Forum (the wholesale industry forum comprising Shippers, Producers, the CRU and other parties).
  • Gas Networks Ireland’s Data Transparency Portal (which provides near real time data on physical and commercial flows in our network).
  • Being advocates for Shippers in all industry fora as well as internally in Gas Networks Ireland.

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