European Affairs & National Policy

Monitors and manages European Union (EU) and national policy and market developments.

The European Affairs and National Policy team monitors and manages European Union (EU) and national policy and market developments, including EU legislative proposals and amendments, considering impacts on the Irish energy sector and Gas Networks Ireland.

Driven by climate change mitigation policy, energy security and geo-political considerations, Ireland’s energy landscape is rapidly changing.  EU and national energy policy is  primarily focussed on decarbonisation targets and security of energy supply. At this crucial stage in policy development, the task of the EU Affairs and National Policy team is of heightened importance; advocating for and emphasising the central role Ireland’s and the EU’s gas networks will play in achieving climate action targets, in addition to safeguarding energy security.   

The European Affairs and National Policy team works with a wide range of stakeholders, including National and EU Associations, Government Departments, Regulators, EU Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Policy Makers and within the Gas Networks Ireland business, with a focus on the following:

Advocate for policy support

  • Ensure Gas Networks Ireland has developed a clear standpoint on EU and National policy which aligns with and supports the company’s strategy and decarbonisation ambition.
  • Monitor and input into relevant EU and National Associations and their working groups.

Deliver on strategy and strengthen influence

  • Articulate Gas Networks Ireland’s strategic positions at EU and National level.
  • Input into EU/National consultations which impact policy development and regulatory frameworks.
  • Increase influence/credibility with key EU and National stakeholders e.g. ENTSOG, Eurogas, Ibec, Hydrogen Ireland etc.
  • Proactively monitor and input into key studies and the gas legislative process.

Ensure compliance

  • Influence the direction of and deliver full compliance with EU and National legislation.

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