The GPRO works on an independent basis to manage the register of all natural gas points in the Republic of Ireland on behalf of all suppliers. A central meter registration system is essential in an open market in order to assign a Supplier to each metering gas point.

GPRO services

Gas Point Register

The Gas Point Register (GPR) records the details of each unique gas point (or meter installation) on the natural gas network. Each gas point is allocated a unique reference number for identification purposes known as the Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN).

Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN)

Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN) Each gas point on the gas network has a unique reference number that is known as a Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN). A Gas Point is a point where gas is off-taken from the gas network system, measured by a meter and consumed by an end user. The GPRN number is located on all end user bills. The GPRN should be quoted in all communications concerning a particular Gas Point(s) with the relevant supplier, the GPRO or Gas Networks Ireland

Change of Supplier process

The GPRO is also responsible for the Change of Supplier (CoS) process, which enables natural gas customers to efficiently change from one natural gas supplier to another. The Change of Supplier process involves the transfer of responsibility from one supplier to another, for the gas consumption through a specific metering point.

Historical consumption data

The GPRO provides historical consumption data to Shippers upon written end user consent to assist in pricing gas shipper contracts for the purpose of changing shipper.

Change of supplier process

The Gas Point Registration Operator (GPRO) is responsible for the Change of Supplier process.

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Change of supplier process for customers

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Historical consumption data requests

Suppliers may need information about the end user's historical consumption of gas.

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