Change of supplier process for customers

How to change your supplier.

Making the decision

The decision to change natural gas supplier is entirely a matter for each organisation or individual. If you are satisfied with the service being provided by your current natural gas supplier, you can simply do nothing and you will continue to be supplied by your existing supplier.

Licensed natural gas suppliers

You may wish to consider having your natural gas supplied by another licensed natural gas supplier. In this case, as a gas user you may contact licensed natural gas suppliers seeking a quotation for supply services. A list of all licensed natural gas suppliers is available on the Commission for Regulation of Utilities' website. Please note that not all licensed natural gas suppliers on this list will be participating in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Markets). Alternatively, the licensed supplier may actively seek out business among users.

Annual consumption bands

There are five noted gas consumption bands that your annual usage can fall into:

  • Band A 6,000 kWhs
  • Band B => 6,000 kWhs to 23,500 kWhs
  • Band C => 23,500 kWhs to 73,000 kWhs
  • Band Y => 73,000 kWhs to 750 MWhs
  • Band Z => 750 MWhs to 5,550 MWhs

Currently, suppliers can request actual consumption information from GPRO for Bands Y & Z with the end user's permission. Your particular consumption band can now be found on your gas bill.

The process

Once you decide to change supplier, your new supplier will arrange for a Change of Supplier (CoS) process to be initiated with the Gas Point Registration Office (GPRO). The GPRO will, in turn validate your details so that your new supplier takes over responsibility for you, the end user. Your new supplier will then forward all future bills and correspondence to you as agreed. End users wishing to change supplier will find information on how to change supplier in the Commission for Regulation of Utilities' Website.