Change of supplier process

The Gas Point Registration Operator (GPRO) is responsible for the Change of Supplier process.

Gas Point Registration Operator

The Change of Supplier process is essential in order to facilitate an open market and enable supply competition by allowing the end user to change from one supplier to another. The Change of Supplier process is responsible for all supply point ownership transfers within the Gas Point Register. The ownership of supply points within the Gas Point Register is the basis upon which the transporter allocates gas transportation charges to the supplier. It is the supplier's responsibility to ensure that supply point ownership within the Gas Point Register correctly reflects responsibility for gas transportation charges.

How does the change of supplier process work?

Step One

All transactions in the CoS process are initiated by a Supplier. This is due to the fact that the transporter has a contractual relationship with the supplier and not the end user. Gas Networks Ireland will check whether the supplier is a valid supplier, e.g. in possession of a valid licence as issued by the CRU.

Step Two

The incoming supplier submits a CoS request. If the end user has been with the outgoing supplier less than 20 business days the CoS request will be rejected (i.e. minimum supplier contractual period 20 business days, or approximately one calendar month).

Step Three

The outgoing supplier will be notified upon receipt of a CoS request, however the identity of the incoming supplier will not be revealed.

Step Four

The incoming supplier warrants that it has received the end users consent to enter into a transportation agreement on their behalf. The supplier will provide details of the supplier and end user to be recorded on the GPR and ensure that this information is kept up to date and accurate.

Step Five

Upon a valid CoS request being notified, this request will be deemed to be a binding offer on the part of the supplier subject to validation and acceptance by the GPRO. The CoS process is time-bound with a minimum and maximum period.

Initiating the change of supplier process

All Change of Supplier (CoS) transactions must be completed by suppliers via the Gas Networks Ireland IT Systems, however, should these systems be unavailable, suppliers should contact the GPRO directly. The GPRO will determine if a manual process should be requested.