Transportation Services

GNI (UK) was granted a conveyance licence for the North-West pipeline and South-North pipeline by NIAUR in February 2002.


The Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (“GMO NI”) operates the natural gas transmission market in NI on behalf of the four gas transmission operator (“TSOs”), GNI(UK), Premier Transmission Limited (“PTL”), Belfast Gas Transmission Limited (“BGTL”) and West Transmission Limited (“WTL”).

Established in October 2017 through a licence obligation placed on the TSOs, GMO NI is a contractual arrangement between parties, and consists of seven employees based in Belfast. GMO NI is the primary interface with network users and manages activities such as administration of both the NI Network Gas Transmission Code and the NI gas operational IT system, oversees and administers network user charging and associated revenue redistribution to the TSOs, and is responsible for monitoring, managing and implementation of any gas transmission market change for NI.

NI Network Gas Transmission Code

GNI (UK) as a licensed transporter, contracts with shippers for transportation services on these transmission pipelines in Northern Ireland. Shippers may contract for transportation services by acceding to the NI Network Gas Transmission Code, a single Code governing transportation arrangements for all NI networks and managed by the Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland.

An archive of past code modifications can be requested via

Connecting to the GNI (UK) network

For connections to the GNI (UK) transmission pipelines please refer to the Connection policy. GNI (UK) is a Designated Pipeline Operator (DPO) on the Northern Ireland Postalised Network of transmission pipelines. GNI (UK) applies the system of postalised tariffs to shippers offtaking gas from the transmission pipelines.

Refer to our Postalised Tariff and tariffs page section for details

EC994 Security of supply regulation

Market consultation (PDF, 362Kb)

Further enquiries

If you have any queries related transportation services on the GNI (UK) transmission network, please contact GMO-NI.

Any queries relating to Gas Transportation Services on the GNI (UK) Transportation System should be directed to the Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland.


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