Pay As You Go metering

Prepayment metering allows customers to purchase their credit at vending outlets.

Prepay metering solution

Gas customers that have a prepayment meter installed at their premises can purchase credit at vending outlets and in turn applies this credit to their meters. The shipper receives payment for the gas once the vend transaction has processed. The prepayment metering solution consists of the following main components:

  • The Prepayment Metering Front Office Provider (PPMSP-FO)
  • The Prepayment Metering Back Office Provider (PPMSP-BO)
  • The Prepayment Meter

The PPMSP-FO is responsible for:

  • Collecting transaction details and sending them to the PPMSP-BO
  • Receiving End User Specific Instructions (EUSIs) and regional data and making them available for collection by customers
  • Managing the terminal outlet network
  • Disbursing the funds to the shippers and the suspense account as directed by the PPMSP-BO

The PPMSP-BO is responsible for:

  • Matching shippers to transactions and sending detailed transaction files to shippers and Gas Networks Ireland
  • Directing the PPMSP-FO in disbursing funds to shippers and suspense account
  • Implementing shipper and transporter instruction by means of EUSIs and regional data updates
  • Transmission of meter reads and diagnostic information to the transporter.
  • Identifying transactions to be released from suspense based on latest information and informing the PPMSP-FO

Market Process Definitions

The functioning of the Pay as You Go Metering System is described in a number of Market Process Documents and these are available on the Gas Market Portal.

If you would like to view these documents they are available in the Retail Market Documentation section of the Gas Market Portal.

If you are a gas shipper or supplier and would like access to the Gas Market Portal please email

If you are not a gas shipper or supplier but would like access to the Gas Market Portal please email and your request will be considered.

Supplier User Guide – Prepayment Metering

Guide available to shippers in relation to the workings of the prepayment functionality for the market.

Customer information on prepayment metering: