Gas Networks Ireland launches new safety awareness campaign with Keith the Ambadgador, encouraging people to check for gas pipelines before they break ground

  • Gas Network Ireland’s online pre-excavation safety checker has garnered over 7,500 registered users and has been used over 90,000 times
  • Checking for the location of underground gas pipelines can help prevent accidental damage, associated disruption and even serious injury
  • In 2023 there were close to 500 incidents of damage to gas distribution pipelines
  • For more information, visit, email or phone 1800 42 77 47

Gas Networks Ireland launched its new pre-excavation safety campaign with the introduction of its new campaign ‘ambadgador’, known as Keith.

The campaign stresses the importance of safety first, urging individuals to always check for gas pipelines before they break ground. Gas Networks Ireland offers free advice and maps on the gas pipeline network through its service, accessible via phone, email or website.

Since its inception in 2019, Gas Networks Ireland's multi award winning safety portal has garnered over 7,500 registered users and has been used over 90,000 times, underscoring its importance in promoting pre-excavation safety. This new campaign is targeted at builders, architects, engineers, farmers, surveyors and anyone planning to dig significantly below a surface.

The campaign sees ‘Keith’ educated on the importance of checking for underground gas pipelines before excavating by some savvy construction workers, including comedian Joe McGuckan. The creative idea is based on portraying the risks associated with breaking ground without first checking, via the endearing and relatable, if anxious, badger.

Gas Networks Ireland's Networks Safety Manager, Owen Wilson emphasises the critical nature of pre-excavation safety checks, saying: 

“The importance of checking for underground gas pipelines before starting any excavation cannot be overstated. In 2023, there were over 480 incidents of damage to low and medium pressure gas pipelines in urban areas, and nearly 60 incidents of unauthorised excavation near high-pressure cross-country transmission pipelines.

“The pre-excavation safety campaign has been very successful to date, and we are hoping that the relaunched campaign will rejuvenate awareness about the importance of checking for underground pipelines.”

Gas Networks Ireland operates and maintains Ireland's national gas network, one of the safest and most modern in Europe. However, a major risk to the network - and to the safety of agricultural and construction workers coupled with the public - is the risk of damage caused by excavation works near gas pipelines.

Mr Wilson continued: “If there is a high-pressure transmission pipeline near where you plan to work, we can advise on safety requirements and if necessary, we will mark out the location of the pipeline and, for certain locations, provide an inspector to oversee the work. This service is free and designed to ensure your safety and that of those around you.”

The campaign, which can be viewed at was made by creative consultancy Publicis and produced by commercials production company Antidote. The campaign is targeted at construction workers, farmers and others in groundworks and construction and will be aired on radio, press and video on demand channels, and will also exist online and on social media.

Gas Networks Ireland manages five safety campaigns:  Along with the pre-excavation campaign, Gas Networks Ireland also promotes public safety through the gas escapes emergency service, carbon monoxide awareness, deterring meter tampering and using a registered gas installer campaign.