How to move your meter

How to move your meter or have gas pipework altered.

There are many reasons why you may need to move your gas meter or gas service pipe (the pipe which connects your property to the gas network).

Main reasons include:

  • Home insulation
  • Building a downstairs toilet
  • Home extensions
  • Widening driveways
  • Building a porch
  • Garage conversions

Steps in having your meter moved or gas service pipe altered

Step One

Contact us on 1800 464 464 to request a gas service alteration and we will arrange a suitable appointment with you. Please ensure you provide as much notice as possible before works start.

Step Two

Our field estimator will visit the site and will provide you with a quotation on their visit.

Step Three

Payment must be received before work begins. You can pay by calling our Customer Care team on 1800 464 464 or posting a cheque using the pre-paid envelope provided.+

Step Four

An appointment is agreed to start work and a crew will arrive on the designated day. An appointment for your alteration is subject to road opening license being granted by your local authority. The work is expected to be finished on the same day, including reconnecting the meter. If your builder is going to prepare the trench, please make sure it is ready in advance of our arrival.

If you have decided to have your gas meter recessed into the wall, your builder will need to provide this box and put it in place before the agreed appointment date.

Please see checklist here which you can review and follow to keep on track with your gas alteration.

Step Five

The internal pipe work must be altered by a Registered Gas Installer (RGI). The installer must also leave a certificate of conformance on site or the meter cannot be reconnected.

Moving your gas meter

What we will do

We will alter all pipework up to and including the meter, however all internal pipework is the responsibility of the homeowner. You must contact an RGI to carry out these works. A list of RGIs is available at the Registered Gas Installers website.

Arranging your own ground work

You can significantly reduce the cost of altering your service pipe or moving your meter if you choose to arrange your own ground works. Our guide safety advice for working in the vicinity of natural gas pipes will assist contractors and builders prepare trenches correctly before Gas Networks Ireland arrive on site.