Report meter tampering

If you suspect that someone has tampered with their gas meter you can confidentially report this by completing form below or by calling us on 1800 464 464.

Meter tampering is extremely dangerous

It is illegal to interfere with a gas meter and it is also illegal to ask, pay or allow someone else to tamper with your meter. Only Gas Networks Ireland representatives are authorised to work on natural gas meters. Public safety is our main priority. We are actively identifying suspected cases of tampering across the country.

Tampering with a gas meter is illegal and a serious public safety concern. By tampering with a meter, people are not just putting their own safety at risk, but the safety of their families, neighbours and the general public. The consequences could be costly or even fatal.

Do you suspect gas meter tampering?

If you own a meter that has been tampered with, please contact us to arrange for the meter to be safely exchanged. For more information, visit our meter tampering FAQ.

Please note that all reports of suspected tampering will be treated confidentially. You can report meter tampering confidentially by completing the form below or calling us on 1800 464 464.


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