Getting connected to gas

The connection process explained

Whether you are making the move to natural gas for your existing or new home, we are here to help make the connection process easier. With 705,000 customers, we understand just how important it is to get your home connected quickly, safely and in a way that suits you.

To help customers at the beginning of this journey, we have developed a simple guide to outline what steps are required to connect your home to the natural gas network. Find out more to make connecting to natural gas as smooth as possible and begin enjoying the benefits of natural gas in your home.

The connection process explained

Meter location

When connecting to natural gas, only certain locations and positions are permitted for the installation of your natural gas meter and meter box. For instance, when we connect a building to the natural gas network the proposed service line route must be in a straight line to the meter location, have at least 600mm of ground cover and be clear when the crew arrives to carry out the work.

More information about meter location

Benefits of natural gas

Natural gas heats your home, cooks your food, and helps create the electricity you use every day. It is cleaner and more affordable than fuels such as LPG and electricity. Find our more and join the 705,000 customers already enjoying the benefits of natural gas.

Benefits of natural gas

Connect your home to natural gas

Getting connected is easier than you think. Join the 705,000 customers already enjoying the benefits of natural gas by connecting online or calling 1850 200 694 today.

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