The Gas Connection Process Explained

Interested in connecting to Ireland’s gas network? Follow the steps below to see if you are eligible and find out what you need to do.

The connection process

  • Gas Networks Ireland

    The gas network, external pipes and your meter.

  • Registered Gas Installer (RGI)

    The internal gas piping and appliances within your home.

  • Gas Supplier (Shipper)

    Gas shipping and billing.

Step 1Check if you can connect to gas

Family home

You can check online if gas is available to your home. While natural gas may be available in your county, it may or may not be available to your particular home.

What to do:

  • Go to the Domestic gas map
  • Enter your Eircode or address
  • Submit your address and find out if you can avail of gas

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Step 2Apply online

Young couple using tablet

You can check online if gas is available to your home. While natural gas may be available in your county, it may or may not be available to your particular home.

What to do:

  • Submit your application online
  • Accept the terms & conditions
  • Provide meter location
  • Provide contact details

Step 3Pay for connection works

Man making a call

We will contact you by phone to arrange payment and the appointment for your connection.

What to do:

  • Pay for your connection
  • Agree your appointment time
  • Receive your GPRN (Gas Point Registration Number)
  • Organise the internal work for the house

Step 4Connection works completed

Workers connecting gas supply

Gas Networks Ireland will install the required external gas pipes and meter housing at the appointed time.

Grants may be available for this kind of work from the SEAI, you can use the link provided in the resources section to see if these grants can apply to your home.

What to do:

  • Be available for the appointment
  • Provide access for Gas Networks Ireland
  • Your RGI is ready to go

Step 5RGI completes internal work

RGI completing internal work

Depending on the level of work required this can take from a number of hours up to 2 days.

Your RGI will complete the agreed internal work on the house. This should include any gas pipes and appliances required. Once the work is completed your RGI should supply you with an RGI conformance certificate.

What to do:

  • Choose your appliances
  • RGI conformance certificate received

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Step 6Choose your gas supplier

Couple reading document

On average it takes 1 working day to get your property connected to the gas supply.

If you haven’t already done it, it’s time to select your preferred gas supplier.

What to do:

  • Choose your gas supplier
  • Have your GPRN at hand

Supplier Resources

Step 7We connect you

Gas fireplace

The fitting of the meter typically takes approx. 30 minutes.

You do not need to be present at the property during this time, although we recommend that you are, if possible. If you are not available for the appointment, please ensure that the meter box is accessible, and that it contains the Certificate of Conformance (Cert 1) completed by your RGI. If the meter box is inaccessible and/or the certificate is not completed/available, we will be unable to fit your meter. When the gas meter has been installed, you must contact your RGI to return and connect the internal pipe work to our supply and turn on the gas.

What to do:

  • Confirm appointment for meter fitting with your gas supplier
  • Be at the property for the appointment, if possible.
  • Make sure the meter box is accessible so our fitter can fit the meter
  • Make sure the RGI conformance certificate (Cert 1) is in the meter box
  • Contact the RGI to connect the internal pipe work and turn on the gas

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Are you ready?

Soon you could be enjoying all the benefits of natural gas in your own home.

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