Safety precautions

Other safety precautions

  • Ensure your boiler and gas appliances are installed correctly and serviced annually by a Registered Gas Installer.
  • Choose room-sealed appliances for your home.  With room-sealed appliances, fresh air for the combustion process comes from outside of the building and emissions are then discharged outside.
  • Ensure the rooms in your home containing heating appliances are properly ventilated – never block vents.
  • Make sure all chimneys and flues are regularly swept and kept clear.
  • If you are concerned that an appliance is not operating safely, arrange for an appliance safety inspection by contacting your gas supplier or a Registered Gas Installer.
  • For appliances that burn other fuels such as oil or solid fuel, ensure that they are installed and serviced regularly by a qualified service agent for your fuel type.
  • Use fuel-burning appliances correctly and for the purposes they were intended.  For example, never use a cooker to heat a room, never use a gas grill with the door closed and never use appliances inside that are intended for outside use (e.g. barbecues).

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