Home improvements

Before beginning home alterations seek professional advice to ensure the safety of your gas supply and appliances

Checking your ventilation requirements

Gas appliances need air to function safely and efficiently.  When adding an extension, converting a garage, double-glazing windows or weather-sealing doors, make sure to check the ventilation requirements for your appliances. Particular restrictions apply for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Safety tips for home improvements

Get professional advice on ventilation and flueing before embarking on home improvements (a flue is a duct or pipe that removes exhaust gases from a gas appliance to the outdoors).

  • Before carrying out any digging work on your property make sure to locate any gas pipes that may be underground. View our Dial Before You Dig page for more information.
  • Do not block or build around any existing air vents or flues.
  • If creating a new living space, ensure it has ventilation in accordance with Building Regulations by reminding your builder to check current regulations.
  • If adding additional radiators, ensure that your boiler has the capacity to cope with the additional demand.
  • If you are altering, adding or removing appliances or pipework to a natural gas or LPG installation, ensure the work is carried out  by a Registered Gas Installer.
  • For general information on home alterations and the risks of Carbon Monoxide call 1800 89 89 89 or visit www.carbonmonoxide.ie.

Contact a Registered Gas Installer for professional advice

Before embarking on home alterations seek professional advice about your appliances from a Registered Gas Installer.