No water supply

Gas central heating systems should continue to operate in instances where water from the mains supply has been cut off.

Using central heating systems with no water supply

Heating and water controlled separately

Gas users who can control their central heating and domestic hot water circuits separately can continue using their central heating system however they should avoid using the hot water circuit until water supplies have been restored.

Heating and water are not controlled separately

For gas users who do not have the option to control their hot water separately from their heating, be aware that the boiler may trip out (on temperature overheat) if the hot water circuit and heating circuit are shared and the level of water in the hot water system (cylinder / domestic storage tank) runs down.  This is a normal boiler safety control.  Using your hot water taps will result in the draining down of the domestic hot water system (cylinder / domestic storage tank).

Combi boilers

For users with combi boilers (normally operated without the need for a hot water storage unit) the central heating system should continue to operate as normal, however the hot water system, which is normally fed directly from the mains water supply, will not operate until the water supply is restored.

Experiencing difficulties?

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