The Making of "Progress Naturally"

The work Gas Networks Ireland is doing is vital to the future of Ireland’s energy system, so it is important to make sure the message stands out. 

We needed to tell our story with warmth and charm, in a style that captured the imagination. We wanted it to feel friendly and natural, told in a way that suggests a world full of things we can all relate to. We believed that the papercraft style allowed us to do this. Just like paper, natural gas is real and natural. We also needed the visual treatment to give a sense of continual movement and momentum to create a feeling of progression. A sense of ‘Irishness’ needed to be achieved with subtle nods in the architecture style of the world we create. Papercraft gave us the flexibility to bring our idea to life in a way that delivered on our idea of progress, in a style that would grab the public’s attention.  A technical story, told in a uniquely warm and human way.

See how we made the ad in the short video below.


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See some of the photos of the actual paper models that were created for this campaign below.

Meet the Gang

Dan & Molly

Otherwise known as uncle Dan. He is in his mid-20s. He lives a busy life, but always finds time to visit his family (Molly likes to come too).

Mum (Sarah)

Dan’s sister Sarah has a hectic home-life. With two children and a dog, she never has a minute to herself.

Dad (Eoin)

Sarah’s husband fancies himself a bit of a whiz in the kitchen. He always tries to make time to cook for the family.


Sean is sports mad and spends way too long in the shower. He’s 13 years old.


Emily is 8 and half years old (don’t forget the half). She loves colouring-in and painting. Her favourite food is dad’s special pancakes.