Frequently asked questions

FAQ for natural gas in your business.

The price of connecting to the gas network is determined by many elements. The key factors include:

  • length of service from our gas mains to your preferred meter location
  • load requirements that determine the meter size you will require

Please fill out our Online enquiry form and one of our Businesslink team will be in touch with you, or contact our Businesslink team on 1850 411 511.

You can find out if gas is available in your general area by connecting online. You can also email us a map of your property location to: For more detailed information please fill out our Online enquiry form and one of our businesslink team will be in touch with you. Or you can contact our Businesslink Team on 1850 411 511.

Gas Networks Ireland engineers and fitters are the only personnel authorised to restore gas to an IC premise. If your gas supply has been safety locked, your installer must complete a Non-Domestic Declaration of Conformance Certificate. This must be on site when we call to restore gas. Certificates can be requested by contacting our Businesslink Team on 1850 411 511.

You must open an account with a gas supplier to have the gas turned on at the premise. To do this you must have your Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN), if you do not have your GPRN you can contact our Businesslink Team on 1850 411 511.

Yes. If you want to add appliances your installer will be able to tell you whether the existing supply is enough to meet the load requirements. If you need an upsize in supply and/or meter our Businesslink team can assist you in arranging this, please contact us on 1850 411 511.

Yes. We can arrange for a member of our sales team to meet you and discuss the options available to you if you want to install a new meter. You have the option to split an existing supply or add a second supply. Please contact us on 1850 411 511 or fill out our Online enquiry form.

Certificates can be requested by contacting our Businesslink Team on 1850 411 511.

No, it is not a requirement to provide Gas Networks Ireland with a certificate when altering your internal supply in an IC premise.

We provide these with meter fit. These are also provided by Hanley Controls. They have outlets nationwide.

Please call: Hanley Controls, Clonmel on 052 6122722

You will have to contract an RGI or Mechanical engineer to install slam shut valves, as they are downstream of the meter. We currently only fit slam shut valves on larger skid units, before installation. Slam shut valves are gas detection units that will shut the meter off if there is too much methane detected in the air around it.

A natural gas meter measures the amount of gas consumed by all the gas appliances in a premise. The gas used is measured in cubic meters or cubic feet. However, your gas supplier must bill you on the basis of energy used i.e. kilowatt hours (kWhs). For domestic gas usage a conversion formula is used to convert cubic meters or cubic feet into kWhs. This conversion formula has been approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities. The conversion formula can vary nationwide. The formula depends on the local temperature, pressure and calorific value of the gas.

Factor used to convert the usage calculated between an opening and closing meter read from cubic meters (if metric meter) to kilowatt hours - components of the factor allow for pressure, temperature, compressibility and Calorific Value (CV).

Calorific Value is a factor used to calculate the energy equivalent of gas usage (The ratio of energy to volume measured in mega joules per cubic meter (MJ/m). Natural Gas is now obtained from multiple sources, so the CV changes on a daily basis and is calculated on the average daily usage over a billing period.

The method of calculating CV rests with Gas Networks Ireland, is in line with best international practice and has been approved by the CRU. CV is the amount of heat released when a mass of fuel (e.g. Natural Gas) is burned.

Please do not hesitate to contact your gas supplier should you require any further assistance regarding this matter.

No. We will not install a billing meter downstream to bill another customer it will require another service. However, you can purchase a check meter these are available at various outlets nationwide.

Your installer can come to an arrangement with you to pay for a check meter and install it downstream of our meter (this arrangement will not invoice Gas Networks Ireland either in supplying or installing the meter)

For information on change of sector please contact your gas supplier. Contact 1850 411 511 to arrange an appointment.

**Please note if you have made any changes to your load our sales representative will need to call to site to establish possible new meter size and new EAC & SPC figures. Charges may apply**

SPC stands for supply point capacity. We determine the SPC based on your actual gas usage for the previous year, measured in kWh. Your gas supplier is required to reserve space in the natural gas network to guarantee a secure supply of gas. The amount of space reserved by your gas supplier is referred to as the Supply Point Capacity. We charge all natural gas suppliers for reserving this space. Your gas supplier then passes this charge onto you in the form of standing charges. This charge is agreed with the CRU.