Decision making process

The process that decisions are subject to at Gas Networks Ireland


All Gas Networks Ireland’s major policy proposals are subject to the approval of the CRU who undertake public consultation exercises before making a decision to approve with or without amendments. Submissions are published on the CRU website.

In relation to Capital Investment Projects, Gas Networks Ireland consults with stakeholders and undertakes public consultations, to provide information on proposed projects and to seek the views of interested parties on what they consider should be considered by Gas Networks Ireland in developing the solution.

Gas Networks Ireland is also required to carry out Strategic Environmental Assessments on programmes of measures being planned and Environmental Impact assessments on projects that are above the statutory thresholds in the relevant regulations. We must for planning permission in respect of development under the Planning and Development Regulations either to the Planning Authority for the area in which the development is to take place or to An Bord Pleanála for Strategic Infrastructure as defined in the Regulations.

Board Decisions

Board Decisions