October 2023

Northern Ireland Gas Network Operator ‘Commitments’

In October 2023, Northern Ireland’s Gas Network Operators published a set of 5 near-term commitments to support the sustainable introduction of renewable gases in Northern Ireland, and the support required from industry, policy and public sector stakeholders to deliver them.

These least-regret commitments will assist in the decarbonisation of Northern Ireland’s homes, businesses and wider energy system, and unlock the economic, decarbonisation and environmental benefits associated with producing and utilising renewable gases in Northern Ireland.

March 2023

Biomethane connections to the NI gas network - A guide for owners and developers

GNI (UK) is committed to supporting Northern Ireland’s transition to a net zero energy system. One of our key roles is to provide connections onto the network for biomethane producers and we can facilitate the injection of the renewable gas biomethane into the gas network.

Getting a connection to inject biomethane onto our networks requires a number of steps to ensure a safe and secure connection.

This Guide to Biomethane Connections to the Northern Ireland Gas Network has been developed collaboratively by Northern Ireland’s two Transmission System Operators (TSOs); GNI (UK) Limited and Mutual Energy Limited. Outlining the steps producers must take to connect and inject biomethane into the gas network, it is intended to help you, as the owner or developer of a biomethane production facility, to connect your production facility to the gas transmission network in Northern Ireland.

October 2022

NI Gas Network Pathway to Net Zero

Published in October 2022, ‘NI Gas Network Pathway to Net-Zero  demonstrates how a strategic and coordinated approach to whole energy system planning is vital to chart the transition to net zero and affordable energy for consumers.   Produced collaboratively by Northern Ireland’s Gas Network Operators:  GNI (UK)firmus energy;  Mutual Energy, SGN Natural Gas and Phoenix Natural Gas, this accessible report outlines their plan to fully decarbonise the region’s gas network by 2050.  It sets out how the gas network will transition away from natural gas to renewable alternatives such as biomethane and hydrogen to support Northern Ireland’s emission targets.

Read the report here.

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December 2021

The Path to Net Zero Energy

In December 2021, the Department for the Economy (DfE) published the ‘Energy Strategy – Path to Net Zero Energy’   The Northern Ireland Energy Strategy has ambitious plans for the development renewable gases i.e., biomethane and hydrogen on the gas networks in NI.  A detailed action plan followed in January 2023, which outlines a roadmap to 2030 aiming to deliver a 56% reduction of energy-related emissions, on the pathway to deliver the 2050 vision of net zero carbon and affordable energy.

Read the Energy Strategy.

Read the Action Plan.