Prepay meter

How to use a prepay meter and purchase credit in advance.

Emergency Credit

Once the credit on the meter drops to a low level you may be offered  ‘Emergency Credit’. This can be borrowed until you can buy some more credit.

When you want to use your Emergency Credit, insert your Gas Card into the meter. When the Emergency Credit is offered, you can accept it by pressing the red Button A.

Further details can be found on P. 5 of the PPM User guide

Installing a prepay meter

At the request of a gas supplier, we can install a prepay meter, also known as a gas card meter. These meters allow customers to purchase an amount of gas credit on a gas card. The card is inserted into the meter and the credit is then transferred directly from the card to the meter.

Purchasing credit

Please check the opening times of the Payzone, An Post or PostPoint outlets where you can buy credit. Credit cannot be bought over the phone or online. You can contact your Gas Supplier for a list of outlets in your area or log on to Payzone, An Post or PostPoint.

Information on prepay meters

Our Prepayment Meter Guide (PDF 850KB) and this video provides information on:

  • Purchasing credit
  • Using your gascard
  • Meter information
  • Emergency credit
  • Standing charge
  • Replacing your gascard
  • Gas card issues.

Prepay meter guide