Registered Gas Installers (RGI)

It is a legal requirement that any work carried out on domestic gas installations must only be carried out by a Registered Gas Installer.

What is a Registered Gas Installer?

A Registered Gas Installer is an installer or service engineer who has completed the required gas installation safety training, who has the necessary insurance to carry out gas installations to the legal standard and who is registered with the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland.

Why use a Registered Gas Installer?

  • In your home safety comes first.  So if you're having a natural gas appliance installed, serviced or repaired always use a Registered Gas Installer.
  • By law, only a Registered Gas Installer is permitted to work on domestic natural gas installations.
  • A Registered Gas Installer is fully insured and trained in gas safety and will provide you with a conformance certificate once the work is carried out, giving you peace of mind that your installation is safe.
  • You should have your boiler and other natural gas appliances serviced by a Registered Gas Installer once a year.
  • To find a Registered Gas Installer in your area, call 1850 454 454 or visit the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland website.

Declaration of Conformance

If you have just moved into a new home or have added a gas installation to your existing home, insist that your builder / developer / installer provides you with a copy of the 'Declaration of Conformance' for your gas installation. This certificate is a requirement of Domestic Gas Installation Standard IS 813, a copy of which can be purchased on the NSAI website.  The Declaration of Conformance certificate confirms that your installation complies with this standard. You should keep this document in a safe place.

It is a legal requirement that any work on gas installations must be carried out by a Registered Gas Installer.